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Lumiere Bridal LMBR5013

Lumiere Bridal designs come complete with a center diamond.

Another Lumiere beauty! The gentle outline formed by the round diamonds and juxstaposed with pearshape diamonds exudes strength and romance.


Diamond Info: 10-RD 0.31, 02-PD 0.16, 01-RCD 0.45 CTS



Not all items online are kept in stock at our store. Many online items are sourced and customized to fit your preferences. Once your order has been customized and completed, you may receive your item via in-store pickup or overnight shipping (chosen upon purchase). This does not necessarily mean next-day delivery. 

Once your purchase is made, a team member will contact you within the soonest possible business hours to discuss your purchase and shipping details and will then provide a more specific shipping time frame. 

Lumiere Bridal LMBR5013

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